Milk Linen began as an idea before the birth of our baby girl. Maybe it’s the hormones during pregnancy that make you want to touch and feel everything - your senses come alive. Feeling a soft blanket is almost how you imagine your baby will feel in your arms. I had at least 10 blankets and wraps on standby, all perfectly folded and washed in the drawer ready to go.

I found that beautiful textiles for babies were rare, a thing of the past made by skilled mothers and passed down to their babies and grandchildren. I wanted something lightweight that our baby could wear at night for the hot Australian summer months and was happy to invest in something if I knew it would last. I knew that anything in cotton would pill and eventually breakdown, a disposable solution. I wanted something beautiful that I could keep. Something soft I could put away and say ‘you slept in that beautiful fabric every night, and here it is and it still looks, feels and smells the same as it did when you were a baby’. It had to be right, the hunt was on. 

Some knowledgeable friends bought me a quality winter grow bag for my baby shower, but still I couldn’t find a lightweight one that measured up. During the long nights of feeding I started writing down ideas and the sketches followed. 

We then moved to Hong Kong six months in, and after all the nesting we left our newly renovated home and freshly painted nursery behind. What came with us were the baby textiles, particularly the ones given by family. We packed minimum amounts of clothes, playmats, and blankets into 3 suitcases, and we were off. 

Hong Kong was a strange new place, but its proximity to China was an amazing opportunity to develop my ideas. I found a small family run business locally who produce high quality products with whom to develop a sample. One sample turned into many samples trying out fabrics, changing designs, altering sizing. 

I kept coming back to Linen. Linen becomes so soft, it's like a cloud on a baby's skin - but very tough. I couldn't compromise, it was the perfect foundation for my designs. The name Milk, so central to a baby's first two years, also came from spending many nights awake feeding and dreaming. It was a time when the ideas flowed, and Milk Linen was born.

Since growing the ideas, my love of Linen has grown a thousand fold, and we are very excited to be producing a product which I hope will be loved, and kept by families for their baby, for a long long time to come. 

Claire x
Made for crawling or walking around the cot, sleep suits are perfectly trip-proof for a better night’s sleep. Also perfect for travel, no need to pack cumbersome blankets and brilliant for lazy play around the house.

Milk Linen grow bags are made to last, so you’ll only need one (or more than one) from 6 months until they are 2 years + 


We have a fluffy soft winter grow bags and sleep suits for cosy nights. Made with 100% cotton filling and 100% linen outer, it’s all natural. Our light and breathable summer versions keep them cool and dry in those hot summer months.


Milk linen is made by a small quantity, second generation family run business in based in Hong Kong. Their factory in Shunde, China near Guangzhou has high standards for their worker conditions, many of whom have worked with the family for 20+ years. 

We work very closely with our suppliers to ensure the quality of all our Milk Linen product is of the highest standard. If you have any issues, please Contact Us